The Time of My Life

I experienced something magical last night, and it didn’t even vibrate or demand dinner. I saw the 20th anniversary showing of “Dirty Dancing” at Tinseltown. I was only 10 when the movie came out, so I never got the chance to see it in a theater. Watching it play out on the big screen was life-altering. I saw things that I’ve never noticed before, and I’ve seen this movie at least 100 times! The audience would giggle after the memorable lines, and at one point an annoying chick started speaking the dialogue with the characters. She was soon silenced.

Johnny never looked better, and Baby was as innocent and dorky as ever.

Which got me thinking about Jennifer Grey’s nose job. She ruined her career by shaving off her nose. Literally. I found myself getting angry at her for this decision — there will never be a sequel now (“Havana Nights” does not count). She looks completely different. To boil it down, she nose-fucked herself. I hope she can sleep at night.

0 thoughts on “The Time of My Life

  1. Sue Bee says:

    You are SO right Mz. Belle! In fact, there is even a hand gesture one could use to signify such a malady…. 🙂

  2. Woodford Man says:

    Nose-fucked. Wow, that has potential. I think your next post should include different ways to use that term. I think the creative possibilites are endless.Have you really watched this crappy movie 100 times?

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