Today’s Reason To Drink

Found out last night that diets and drinking don’t really mix. Shit. Went to some fancy place on Frankfort Avenue with friends (after leaving the Back Door after two gin and sodas) and stormed out because I couldn’t find anything I liked on the menu (and it was a bit pricey). Anyway, that’s embarrassing. But I did find solace for a bit at Longshot Tavern. Love that place! I got a Bud Light (oops, there goes my diet) and a sidecar (Makers on the rocks) for $3.50. That’s the only thing I can remember.

So sorry Courtney and Jeremy! I’m stupid.

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  1. Woodford Man says:

    I concur that Longshot Tavern is a nice spot to storm to :)Don’t be so hard on yourself. I once fell asleep sitting at a bar, which is the worst. Diets suck.

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