Beer Festival on Saturday!

Saturday, June 2
Fest of Ale

The beer gods are uniting for one very special event this weekend — Keg Liquors in Clarksville is holding its second annual Fest of Ale on Saturday. And the focus is on craft and import beers. Just check out these numbers: 10 breweries, two importers, three craft beer distributors and more than 100 craft and import beers. Of course, locals BBC, Cumberland and New Albanian Brewing will be there to serve up delicious adult nectar. Food will be provided by Mark’s Feed Store, Bistro New Albany and Buckhead. All told, it’s a great chance sample the sort of beer that actually makes you a better person.

Keg Liquors
617 E. Lewis and Clark Pkwy.
(812) 283-3988
$25 (adv.), $30 (door); 2-6 p.m.

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  1. Woodford Man says:

    Aaahhh, The Keg. My old stomping grounds. This is where I learned to work a beer cooler. There was a guy who came in every night to buy a 6’er of Bud and two Slim Jims. He wore pajama pants and roller skates…not joking.

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