Papa Roach Clip

I have an amusing story:

I mentioned that I had to bartend the Hinder/Papa Roach/Buckcherry concert Tuesday night. I had a stressful day at LEO, then had to run over and play liquor wench to a bunch of rock-‘n’-rollers, who all looked quite young, I must say. Anyway, I grew tired of pouring vodka and cranberry after vodka and cranberry, so I said to the other bartenders, “Let’s make up a drink and see if anyone will buy it.” So I created the Papa Roach Clip — made simply from rum, cranberry and ginger ale (and a “special herb” I told them). Once word got out and a sign was created, we sold PRCs so fast we just about ran out of cranberry mix. I even heard that people were asking for them at the other bar in the Gardens, and they had no clue what the person was talking about.

It was pretty funny to see how quickly a niche drink can catch on.

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