Today’s Reason To Drink

Went on a bar hop last Friday for “work” purposes. Really. Went to about 10 bars I’ve never been to before to write up a piece on each for a new publication coming out in the fall — watch for it … it’s called UR Here. Anyway, out of the 10 or so bars, The Granville Inn was the best. I will be back. Reminded me of the bars in my college town (Athens, Ohio). Also reminded me how old I am. And reminded me that I will need to plan a trip soon back to Athens so I can forget how old I am.

0 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. The Bar Belle says:

    Actually didn’t make it to Southern Indiana — I am pretty familiar with most of the bars over there from doing that pub crawl last year. And I have help with my list from someone who used to live over there, so I gave him most of S. Indiana.Are you ready for some Dirty Dancing?

  2. Woodford Man says:

    none for me thanks…I did read about a place called Third Street Dive in the paper today…have you checked that out?

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