Today’s Reason To Drink

Yesterday I was feeling queasy. Uneasy. Nervous. Jittery. The bad mood cloud hovered above and wouldn’t dissipate. I’ve got nothing wrong with Tuesdays, you see. Mondays, sure. And Sundays when I’m alone with no plans or human interaction, definitely. But Tuesday? What was going on?

And then it clicked. George W. Bush was in New Albany. And that’s a little too close for me and my emotional well-being. Even if we were separated by a river, his relentless, foul energy broke all boundaries and molested my soul.

I want my mommy … but she voted for the guy …

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  1. pH says:

    At least it wasn’t Mike Huckabee. Now that is one scary political figure. Word on the street is Woodford Man was spotted sharing an ice cream cone with G dub at Widow’s Peak.

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