Today’s Reason To Drink

Got a new bed yesterday. I’ve been sleeping on a twin for … well … 31 years. I know, I know. I’ve gotten enough teasing from my friends over the years … but never from my lovers (go figure!). It’s a full size. Very comfy. I bought two pillows for it — and now I don’t know how to sleep. Do I pick a side? Sleep in the middle? Where do the pillows go if I do that?

Is this weird that I’m talking about this on my blog? It feels weird. TMI? Goodnight.

0 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. pH says:

    definitely pick a side. mark your territory. And then when a bed partner comes you won’t even have to tell them which side is yours. They’ll know.

  2. Shirtless Guy says:

    I say sleep all over that puppy. The extra pillow makes for a great stand in if/when sleeping alone, and it doesnt smack you in the face on “accident”.

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