Today’s Reason To Drink

Well hell, OSU lost last night. But guess what — I almost got into a fight! Or at least I almost tried to break one up. First off, I don’t give two shits if my team is winning or losing. I just like an excuse to go to a bar, drink beer and yell loudly at the TV. So anyway, I was sitting with my best friend and an acquaintance of ours, who is really, really into Ohio State. He’s from Ohio, as am I, but he has a penis, which makes him obsessed with his team. We were losing, of course, and this guy playing the Golden Tee kept rooting for LSU. Finally our friend stood up and was chest to chest with this guy — screaming at him.

My friend and I were giggling at the whole situation, until she said, “Get up and stop it! Go do something!” I was like, “Me?? You want ME to do something? What am I going to do?!” So I screamed and got out of the way. Luckily the bouncer broke it up. We couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of me trying to break up a fight. My friend explained, “Well, you work in a bar, so …” Yeah, I work the Sunday day shift in a bar — the only thing I’m breaking up is ice in the bin for the night bartenders. Sheesh.

It was quite funny, indeed.

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