Reba/Kelly Concert A Blast

The Reba/Kelly Clarkson concert at Freedom Hall Friday night was one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. The two musically-inclined divas took the stage together and took turns singing each other’s greatest hits for more than two hours. No wardrobe changes. No special effects. No background dancers. Just pure vocal talent from a country music veteran and a pop music American Idol.

Reba highlights: “And Still,” “How Blue” and “The Greatest Man.”
Kelly highlights: “Since U Been Gone” (of course), “Walk Away” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes.”

General observations:
-Beer was aflowing, but the bathrooms didn’t seem overly crowded, thank god
-Reba remained cool, confident and composed while Kelly hopped and strutted around stage; reminded me of an old dog interacting with a new puppy
-it was nearly to capacity — saw a few sections of open seats in the back two corners
-traffic afterward was a bitch, until we found a secret way out

Good tunes. Great performances. Amazing show!

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