Today’s Reason To Drink

I’m tired, but man that was a great game last night! Happy to see the underdogs pull out a victory. Go Giants!

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  1. Flux Capacitor says:

    GO BEARS!!! opps, yeah, I mean Go Giants, well uummm, how about ummmm……let me think…….Let’s say GO NFC!!!! yeah, I think I’ll just go with that…… “GO NFC, GO NFC, GO NFC”Sorry, that’s the best I could do…It really is agaist my religion to officially root for any NY team…But I will root for the NFC…..

  2. Flux Capacitor says:

    I too am extremely tired, but I think part of that is from the still lingering ass whooping we all received from Sharon Jones and those amazing Dap-Kings on Friday. I swear those guys most be the most Patient men on the planet….I don’t think that I could deal with her day in and day out………..

  3. Shirtless Guy says:

    Go Giants!!! It was a hard game to watch. Especially at the end where the Pats drove and scored. I thought fuck here we go again. We almost called you Flux cause we knew you tow were rooting for the Giants too.

  4. Flux Capacitor says:

    How were my first two comments not on topic?????? Comment #1 – Football….Comment #2 – Being tired…… Both are mentioned in the first line of the Belle’s original post

  5. Woodford Man says:

    loved the game…we were part of history regardless of the outcome.on a side note, I did not love the SJDK concert as much. I think there were too many dancing scenesters there for my taste.

  6. Woodford Man says:

    hey, relax guy. i’ve been here since day one (this is pratically my blog as well as the belle’s) so we can discuss whatever.

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