Today’s Reason To Drink

Happy Super Fat Tuesday! If I could be anywhere right now, it’d be saddled up to the bar at the Tropical Isle in New Orleans. I’ve spent many an afternoon there — socializing, schmoozing and, of course, drinking their most infamous drink, the Hand Grenade. No one has ever identified its ingredients, but its ingredients will get you buzzed and beyond in less than four sips.

My friend and I made a list of 10 things we’d like to do before we die — and one of them was drink 5 of these very Grenades in one sitting. I’m happy to report we succeeded in our mission two years ago. It took lots of training and stamina, but we survived. Our livers took most of the brunt; but luckily those things heal … I hope.

In honor of Fat Tuesday, here’s a link to a live web cam at the Tropical Isle. Look, laugh and long to be there — and hopefully you won’t see your mom flashing her ta-tas.

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