Today’s Reason To Drink

Well, Velocity finally went after us this week in their “Winners/Losers” section. They made fun of last week’s cover story on dog training. Well hell. You really got us on this one, let me tell you!

It occurred to me that maybe, like them, I should plant my finger firmly on the pulse of this city’s movers and shakers (scenesters?) in my nightlife coverage. Maybe crash some parties at Fourth Street Live. Wear black pants and shiny shirts and choke down $10 martinis not made with gin or vodka but rather some nasty cherry-flavored liqueur and Sprite. Pay covers to listen to a DJ spin the same songs I stood on the wall to at my Prom.

But then, who would tell you about the $3 buckets of beer at the Dublin Cellar? How would you ever know about the 40-ounce, $2.25 bottles at Norm’s off Fern Valley Road? Who would have ever ventured in to Big Al’s Beeritaville and came out a regular?

I’m sorry, dear readers, that I’m not hip or trendy. I am cheap, though. And for that, I do not apologize.

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