Today’s Reason To Drink

Where’d my sunshine go? You were my promise of spring. Of life, warmth and activity. Did our time together mean anything to you? As I do the Walk of Shame through the rain, I curse myself for getting too close too soon.

0 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. Flux Capacitor says:

    Rain, Rain go away, Come back some other day!….Rainy days and Mon(oops) Tuesdays always bring me down…..WOW it is REALLY coming down…..Thank you guys for coming out on Saturday! Hope you had fun…I’ll be posting pix on the FC website soon!

  2. Flux Capacitor says:

    You have NEVER seen the website??? (it just a MS page)But I’ve posted pixs from all our shows. You and the Wine Girl are stars on it. I’ll send you a link!

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