Today’s Reason To Drink

Last night I somehow frequented a total of seven bars throughout the Highlands. It went something like this …

Back Door (for gin and chili)
O’Shea’s (for the Tapping of the Keg)
Dublin Cellar (looking for my friends Greg and Kevin)
Wick’s (still looking for Greg and Kevin)
Flanagan’s (finally found Greg and Kevin)
Dundee Tavern (to check in and say “hey” because I haven’t been in awhile)
Pink Door (to play Rock Band, but unfortunately it wasn’t set up, so I taught some dude the virtues of a beer and a sidecar — and the beer was that nasty green shit! I hate that.)

Whew. No wonder my head is spinning and my liver’s throbbing.

0 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. Woodford Man says:

    thought you were going to take it easy on Thursday? man, would hate to see you when you are ready to tie one off.

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