A very weird thing just happened. And while it has nothing to do with drinking, it just may drive me to drink to ponder its meaning. I’ll spare you the details, but I have this one TV show I love. It’s been on for 5 seasons, but my favorites were 1 and 2 … and part of 3 until they killed off my favorite character. Anyway, I just downloaded a song from 3 where my two favorite characters breakup. It’s depressing, yes. But I need something sad and somber to help me wallow in self-pity. Anyway, I threw it into my “Current Favs” folder on iTunes, which now contains 59 songs. Here’s the weird thing — it’s set on random. And the very next song that came on was also from this TV show, also dealing with the same couple, but it was back in season 2 when they first got together and everything was roses.

So what does it mean? Probably nothing, right? I listen to a depressing song about my favorite TV couple, and immediately following comes a song about when they first got together. I think it’s a sign for hope. I’m not currently in a relationship, so I’m not sure how it applies to me specifically, but you never know. Maybe it’s saying that, yes, life is hard and sad and depressing … but there are also memories of good times we’ll always have and make. Too cheesy?

Or it could be just a total coincidence and I’m grasping at karmic straws. I must ponder this one over a glass or two of bourbon.

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