Today’s Reason To Drink

Who would win in a fight — Lo or Audrina? I’m rooting for Audrina.

Two things finally occurred to me last night when I was watching “The Hills” —

1) Why am I watching “The Hills”? and …

2) Who is Lauren to have so much power and control over her friends? Why does everyone want to be her friend and deal with all the drama that comes with it? I have no drama in my life, and no one wants to be my friend! Maybe I need some TV cameras following me around … or maybe I should start a clothing line (Belle Briefs) … or maybe I should just treat everyone like shit and watch them flock to wipe my ass.

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  1. Doug says:

    it’s amazing how that works. Same goes in relationships, it’s always the assholes getting the girls. Do women mistake dickheadedness for confidence? completely baffles me.and why were you watching the hills?ps-Audrina is hot.

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