Final Stop — Za’s Pizza — What are the results?

I have a tall beer in front of me and bad news on the screen — Mitch “the Bitch” McConnell won over Lunsford. Unacceptable. So here’s the story here —

It’s “Jen’s” birthday today, just like John Yarmuth, and her birthday wish is for Obama to become president and for her to get over her food poisoning. She turns 33 today, so I told her she was the same age as Jesus, to which she replied, “Then Obama shall be leader.” So we shall see. 

Leslie says “How’s it goin?”


Cynthia and George Koplos drove all the way to Za's Pizza from Oldham County to find other liberals to drink with. Well, here we are!

Cynthia and George Koplos from Oldham Co. at Za's.

0 thoughts on “Final Stop — Za’s Pizza — What are the results?

  1. Woodfordman says:

    wow…a bitch, Obama, food poisoning and Jesus reference in the same story. now you don’t see that everyday!

  2. ph says:

    This was fun following you around the party via the web. No hangover, saved tons of money and still felt like we got a chance to hang out!

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