You Blogged Me All Night Long …

So I’ll be out all night at various election-result parties and get-togethers. I’ll be posting blogs tonight of interesting people, places and things … so if you see me, stop me and tell me who you voted for so I can give you a hi-five or make fun of you.

My flask is full of bourbon … did you really think I was going to wait until 6?

0 thoughts on “You Blogged Me All Night Long …

  1. we had 2 interesting measures in the san francisco city props. one was to rename a sewage treatment plant after george w, and another was to decriminalize prostitution. ill be at the bar w/ my fingers crossed.

  2. The Bar Belle says:

    Man, I wish I lived in a progressive city like San Fran! Those measures are awesome. I’ll be at a bar with my eyes crossed.

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