Today’s Reason To Drink

So I’m packing for my trip to San Francisco tomorrow … or at least trying to. I keep finding excuses not to pack … and I have a feeling my friend Laura is responsible for me not getting a lot of packing done last night. Here’s her theory:

You should only give yourself 20 minutes to pack, she says, because the earlier you start, the more likely you are to overpack. Think about it. You throw stuff in one day, throw some more in the next day. You’re never taking stuff out of the suitcase, but always adding in things you probably won’t even use. So I bought her theory, and another round of beers at Dundee last night, but when I woke this morning, I panicked. Was this theory legit, or did she just want me to stay for another beer or four?

Luckily I still have tonight.

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