It’s my own fault. Today, instead of frequenting one of my favorite local coffee shops, I decided on a whim to stop by McDonald’s for one of their new McMochas. I had one before, and, I hate to say it, it was surprisingly good. Maybe because it was topped with a huge wad of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. But I felt guilty for liking it and tried to forget about it. So today, I was running late and saw a short line at the McD’s drive-thru. I ordered a McMocha, and before pulling out onto Bardstown Road, opened the lid to find ample space for whipped cream, but no cream whatsoever. What the McHell is up with that? And it tasted like poopy-shit.

Lesson learned. No more cutting corners. For premium, always-quality mochas, go to Highland Coffee or Heine Bros. Don’t McSell yourself short. If today is a whipped cream and chocolate day, then indulge in style.

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  1. Woodfordman says:

    i used to eat two egg mcmuffins and a large coke for breakfast every day in high school. and still pulled chicks.

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