Today’s Reason To Drink

Today is Flanagan’s (934 Baxter Ave., 585-3700) 9th birthday. At 6 p.m., they’re going to tap a keg of “something very special,” says Ashley Isaacs, the assistant general manager. It’s called Double Barrel and sounds quite delicious yet complex, so I’ll let Ashley explain:

“BBC Brewery proudly reached deep within its cellar and dusted off a barrel that has rested for some 38 months. This dark liquid was laid to rest in a freshly dumped Bourbon Barrel from the first Batch of Bourbon Barrel Stout ever brewed. One year later, the Brew Crew brought her up and transfilled the liquid into a 27-year bourbon barrel freshly dumped that day. It has rested now in its final dominion for two additional years. This liquid started out as a gentle stout and through time has transformed into a fiendish hellion, frenzied with big notes of oak, plum, raisin. Finishing hints of sherry, port, tobacco and heat on the backside of the pallet keeps this stout ever changing throughout the experience.”

You had me at “dark liquid,” but the rest was quite interesting.

So it’s their 9th birthday. Do you remember what you were into at 9? Is that like fourth grade? Hmm … I remember learning multiplication tables, writing in cursive and I think I played the saxophone in the school band. Don’t laugh! I was out by fifth grade.

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  1. oh man, that sounds tasty. i had a barrel aged beer a couple weeks ago, careful, that shit is strong! Does that place ever get Allagash beers? they make some excellent stuff. Allagash Curieux is what i had, tops the scale at 11%.

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