Today’s Reason To Drink

Not sure if this is the result of the actual migraine I got at 5:45 this morning or the drugs I took to combat it:

There’s an alley we walk through between where we park and the LEO headquarters. It’s between Third and Fourth streets. While we were walking by today, we noticed a decent-sized hole — like a sink hole or something. My co-worker Jonathon believes we discovered where the Ninja Turtles have been hiding out. And I said that makes perfect sense, how else could that pizza place across the street stay open? I never see anyone there … but yet it’s still in business. Those damn turtles must place their orders to-go afterhours or something.

Also, we’ve noticed feces in the alley that we figured was from the homeless. Now we know who’s behind that — Splinter, of course. And I swear I’ve seen April O’Neil’s van driving by our office. Kawabunga!

Click below … I know you need something else stuck in your head besides “Womanizer.”

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