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  1. chad knopf says:

    Hey Sara, just looked over your movie list for the year and I’m pretty much in agreeance, Milk might even edge out Wall-E or The Dark Knight as my best film of the year (I never thought I’d see a movie where I didn’t hate Sean Penn…the only time I cam close before was Fast Times and Mystic River, and the latter just because Eastwood is a hell of a director)…but I disagree on your take on Sex and The City. While I was only the most baseline casual fan of the series (code for: I didn’t always turn it off and know the jist of the series’ events) I didn’t take the movie as a strike against women’s lib. “One step forward for rich bitches, two steps back for women’s lib. Man cheats on woman. Woman leaves man and finds solid ground. Woman’s dumbass friend talks her into taking man back.” I get that take but you forgot the part Where after Woman leaves man but before woman finds solid ground, she deliberately projects her own misery on dumbass friend’s fiancee and stokes his self doubt, ruining dumbass friend’s dream wedding and waiting til the last ten minutes of the way too damn long movie to step up, act like an adult, and take the consequence for that. You also forgot the part where woman’s decadent sex-loving friend who is stuck in boring relationship finally takes the reigns and realizes that she loves herself more and chooses her own adventure forward. That smells suspiciously like women’s lib to me. I guess in the end, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…just a movie that was too long, not a strike against women, nor a big score in the plus column either. Come up to Flanagan’s some Thursday when Matt and I are there and we’ll hash this out over a beer.

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