Holy Beer Mail!

Today was a good day. I got beer in the mail. Good beer. Hoppy beer. Beer that’ll teach you how to change a tire.

The Magic Hat company in Vermont sent me samples of their seasonal brews. You may be familiar with the Magic Hat #9, which you can find at Flanagan’s and the like. Today they sent me HI.P.A. India Pale Ale and Poppy Agave Pilsner — both part of their new Spring Fever Variety 12-Pak bottle special. 

They were beefy. Very beery, if you will. Would I order them over a Bass or their original #9? Probably not. I’m not a huge fan of Pale Ales or Pilsners. But if it’s free and addressed to me, I’ll try it. Next.

0 thoughts on “Holy Beer Mail!

  1. You might want to re think this post. I don’t think it’s legal to send alcohol in the mail in Kentucky (yet). I could be wrong, but remember hearing something about this recently that they are trying to overturn this bit of legislation. Wouldn’t want the nice folks at The Magic Hat to get in trouble.

  2. The Bar Belle says:

    Oh, did I say mail? Shit. I mean a funny little elf delivered it to my desk yesterday. I think it was one of Santa’s helpers … picking up an extra shift or something.

    Those little bastards are always trying to get me drunk at work.

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