Today’s Reason To Drink

Happy Mardi Gras! I have many memories of my Mardi Gras experience a few years back … which I’ve written about numerous times. But I’ll share again anyway.

My friend Laura and I were dropped off on the edge of the French Quarter. Our mission: Find Pat O’Brien’s and have a hurricane. We walked through the early morning crowd looking for this one place. Finally, we just said “fuck it” and ducked in the nearest bar, which happened to be the Tropical Isle at Bourbon & Toulouse. Three Hand Grenades, two beers and one Maker’s Mark shot later and no lunch, we were on our way in a taxi to meet our hosts for dinner. We had our souvenir Hand Grenade cups with us, and I looked over to see Laura’s cup full. “What the hell!” I said. “You got a refill before we left? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Laura looked up and was as pale as a ghost. She continued “filling” up her cup with the contents of her stomach. The cab driver wasn’t amused.

In honor of Mardi Gras today, Cafe Beignet (1310 Winter Ave.) is giving away free beignets to anyone wearing beads. I went this morning and got some free chicory coffee for my authentic (read: earned) beads around my neck. Delicious. They’re open until 9 p.m.

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