Gotta pee?

This was just sent to me by a reader named Cathy L. It’s an app for your iPhone that tells you the closest places you can pee. It’s things like this that make me want an iPhone. But then I look at my accumulated amount of debt and figure it’ll be another 10 years before I can afford one. Here’s what she had to say:

“Using public restrooms is a fact of life. But the real trick is finding one when you need it most. Thankfully, this St. Patty’s Day, your LEO readers can find the closest public facilities in seconds right on their iPhones with a new app called Have2P. It’s a free app, developed by AT&T Interactive, and it includes restroom listings throughout the United States. It tells you whether the restroom is for patrons only and includes local bathroom reviews. To check out Have2P, visit the App Store on your iPhone 3G or go to

I often find my bladder reaching capacity when I’m drinking. So maybe I’ll just stop using the neighbor’s yard (happy St. Patty’s parade!) or behind the dumpster (oh, those Thunder memories) and start bugging people with iPhones. Happy pissing.

Here are some places around our office where we can pee. Good to know.

Here are some places around the LEO offices where we can pee. Good to know.

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