Called out

I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. When I said I wasn’t planning on celebrating St. Patty’s Day on the actual day — Tuesday — in my column this week, I thought it would go unnoticed. Even though I plan on drinking until I turn green tomorrow during the St. Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands, I guess that didn’t matter to reader Michelle B. She not only let me have it in an e-mail, but also offered up a new tradition her and her friends are starting, which sounds pretty cool to me. Here’s some of what she said:

“You’re not going to party on St. Patrick’s Day because it’s on a Tuesday?! Why that’s a wee bit crazy, lass! Haha! No, I’m not Irish, but 10 of my friends are meeting at my condo Tuesday morning to eat Lucky Charms and drink green beer … green mimosas for the wimps! We all took vacation days at work to be a part of this tradition that I decided to start this year. After we sing a few Irish diddys and dance a couple Irish jigs (yeah right!), we’ll head on down to Molly Malone’s, O’Shea’s and Flanagan’s, then try to end up at the Irish Rover. Needless to say, taxis will be invited, too!”

So I guess I may have to reconsider. Could I sleep at night knowing that I didn’t partake in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2009 on the actual March 17? Doubtful.

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