Pink Door no more?

This was posted on the Pink Door’s MySpace page this weekend. I know the Highlands venue has been for sale for some time, but I had heard from reliable sources that the current owners were going to try keep it running until it got bought. Let’s hope they can resolve these violations.

“We failed a Fire Inspection and have to close over the weekend until we can get some stuff fixed and another inspection which will be next week (This SUCKS).

Sorry for any inconveniences we are moving this weekends events to other venues please support our artists

Our friends at Sky Bar 2nd floor of Saints in St Matthews 131 Breckenridge Ln will host tonights event.

We will still come out and support our friends show tonight + we are bringing the Fog Lazers and blinky lights + sound equipment needed to make it ROCK! so I hope to see you all there and sorry again for the last minute change and Trust me This TRULY SUCKS FOR US it was going to be a big weekend for pink door.”

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