Brewfest a bust?

Not sure how many of you showed up Friday night to the first Brewfest at the Clifton Center — but I lasted only about 15 minutes. It was way too crowded and it seemed to me that the vendors were not prepared for the amount of people who showed up. I arrived a little before 7 p.m., and three of the five brewers were already out of beer … more kegs were coming in 20 minutes, they said. 

I did hear that the crowd thinned out soon after the game started. I would recommend a larger space next time and more beer. Definitely more beer.

0 thoughts on “Brewfest a bust?

  1. Kelly says:

    Waaay too crowded with zero beer! I bought 3 tickets to buy a pizza…. no pizza left. Bought 15 tickets for 5 beers. After my third attempt of standing in a 15min line only to get to the front to be told, “All out!” I gave up. And of course got a guilt trip for trying to sell my tickets back. So, I swallowed it and gave them away like a good local consumer. Brewfest was a major bust for me.

  2. The Bar Belle says:

    Yeah, I bought six tickets (2 beers), and after standing in line for 20 minutes for one beer, I chugged it down and handed off my other tickets to a friend and got the hell out of dodge.

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