Fuckers in Frankfort

No joke — starting today, there is a new 6 percent sales tax on alcohol purchased at stores throughout Kentucky. This will also trickle down to bar owners, who will most likely have to raise their prices on beer and liquor. What the hell? Is this really what we need right now in this wonderfully awesome economic time? What about our prized bourbon industry? This will no doubt shake things up for the worse in the bluegrass. Check out the copy from this full-page ad that local liquor company Brown-Forman placed today in The Courier-Journal:

Today’s new TAX is NO JOKE:

It may be April Fools, but we fail to see any humor in the new 6 percent sales tax being levied on beverage alcohol purchased from package stores and drug stores throughout Kentucky starting today.

Not Funny Frankfort:

This follows a 22 percent wholesale tax increase the legislature implemented just a few years ago.

Not Funny At All:

These are hard economic times for all of us. But the times call for Common Sense for the Commonwealth, not the same old, tired, tax-the-alcohol industry punch line state government always seems to deliver

Kentuckians now pay the second-highest tax rate on beverage alcohol in the United States.

Brown-Forman is proud to have been a leading Kentucky company since 1870. During all that time we have been a loyal citizen, taxpayer, benefactor, and more than happy to do our share.

We have built our business based on strong relationships. With our employees, our customers, and the government. We urge Frankfort to reconsider and implement more innovative thinking. You have our pledge that we’ll work with the Governor and the legislature to find a solution that works for us all.

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