Who dat dawg? — Churchill Downs’ Chief Party Officer

Churchill Downs recently named its 2009 Chief Part Officer (CPO) for Kentucky Derby 135, and it wasn’t me. The Bar Belle never cries over spilt beer, however, so it’s onward and upward. So who is this CPO and is he worthy? Let’s find out.

He goes by Nick “RiNickulous” Ferrara and resides in L.A. Strike one and two. Ferrara, 30, hails from Southern California and grew up across the street from the famed Santa Anita Race Course, which hosts the Santa Anita Derby, the annual Derby prep race. He has long held an interest in horse racing, a press release states, having owned racehorses before.

Let’s see what he has to say.

Bar Belle: What made you want to try out for this position?
Nick Ferrara: I have always been into horse racing and partying. The chance to bring the two of them together was an opportunity of a lifetime.

BB: What qualifies you for the Chief Party Officer?
NF: I have traveled the country from coast to coast in search of the ultimate party. I have toured with rock bands, been to every major sporting destination on the globe, and my schedule in a year consists of events such as Super Bowl, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Premiere Party, The Winter Action Sports Tour, The X-Games, The Grammys and the list goes on and on.

BB: How many Jagerbombs are acceptable in one night of drinking?
NF: If would love to give you the answer, but I usually stop counting after lucky No. 7.

BB: What’s your favorite bourbon?
NF: Woodford Reserve.

BB: Do you have a special hangover cure?
NF: Light beer, Clamato (a tomato/clam cocktail mix), salt and lime juice MMMMMM!

BB: What do you anticipate most about coming to the Derby?
NF: Representing the people’s party in the infield. Living up to the “RiNickulous” theme of Win, Place and Party.

Strike three. Form your own opinions of Nick at www.ChiefPartyOfficer.com.

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