Today’s Reason To Drink

No matter how many times I promise myself I won’t do it … it happens. I’m not proud. It’s something I simply cannot control. Drunk Texting. In an attempt to humiliate myself — hoping that this will deter me from another night of sending random, weird messages to those who I’m close with as well as those who I’d like to be close with — here are some of the texts in my Sent folder from last night.

Ur dog was so prescious : )

U dawgs gettin out 2nite?

W r goin 2 New Orleans in July. Period. But im not on mine : )

Who dat dawg?

Ur moms fun

I hate people

Eat it!

Can I join you in bed? Ha!

I am drunk as a skunk, but I dont smell

Luv you!

Im home now n safe from bitches

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