Spooky new Magic Hats

The wonderful Magic Hat Brewing Company of Vermont has just released a line of spooky-themed fall beers with their Night of the Living Dead Variety 12-pack, which is now available at liquor stores/beer retailers in Louisville. I’ve always been a fan of their Magic Hat #9, which is now on tap at most bars and restaurants downtown and in the Highlands … and beyond.

Sometimes this job pays off in the form of free beer — I nearly fell off my chair last week when Magic Hat sent me two bottles of their latest creations, which are available in the 12-pack.

The Roxy Rolles was a delicious amber ale that will be nice to sip on as the leaves begin to fall and the weather warrants a warm sweater. I think I tasted hints of caramel with a sweet malt aroma. 

The Belgian Chocolate Stout, also called Fall 09 Odd Notion, was also very delectable … as just about anything with chocolate is. It’s a Belgian-style stout that touts a 6.2% ABV (sold!). Think chocolate, think caramel, think coffee, think warm fuzzy feelings of fabulous ecstasy.

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