LEO love scraps

So we spent some time last week coming up with off-the-wall valentines to scatter throughout our Valentine’s Day issue. But alas, we had no room. Here are some examples of what we were intending to illustrate in honor of old-school valentines you used to give in grade school.

Like this one:

LEO Valentines that Didn’t Make It Into the Paper:

•I’ll be your pants if you be my ground.

•Orange you glad I didn’t say you suck? — I love you!

•Yes we can! — Get freaky like the Obamas!

•Bi me a beer first!

•I’m free and clear — Happy VD Day!

•You’re special … and not in an Olympic type of way, Valentine!

•Love can build a bridge, but your government can’t. — Be my Valentine, Louisville!

•You’re a Hot Brown in the artery of love. — Happy Valentine’s Day!

•(Image of the Toy Tiger) You used to rock my world, Valentine!

•(Image of the new arena) I can’t wait till we score, Valentine!

•(Image of a Louisville Slugger) Hit this, Valentine!

•(Image of Snookie from “Jersey Shore”) Punch me in the face with love, Valentine!

•(Image of “Lost” cast) You confuse me, Valentine!

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