Two new bars in the Highlands!

According to this Business First article, we’re getting two new bars in the Highlands — woot! One of them I knew about — a second location of the Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot in the spot where NV Tavern used to be (right next door to the Wine Market at Lucia and Bardstown Road). Love me some BBQ! They usually shorten the name to FABD — so will this location be FABDBR?

And the second new bar is setting up shop where the Pink Door used to be — it’ll be called The Corner Door Bar and Grill (2222 Dundee Road). I’m sad the Pink Door never picked itself back up — those Thursday-night dance parties were some of the best in town … so many memories. But I’m happy that something is going in there.

What this means to me: More places to rest my weary bum, and the FABD will now be a part of my Gettin’ Drunky in KY pub crawl in September. Cheers to more bars in more places.

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