Today’s Reason To Drink

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the day “Pretty Woman” was released in theaters. I remember sneaking in The Mayflower, a rundown movie theater in Troy, Ohio, to see the R-rated film. It sounds hokey to say, but I fell in love with the movie (and Julia Roberts) to the point that I memorized the entire script and wallpapered my bedroom in everything pertaining to the film. I remember spouting quote after quote on the bus to our away volleyball games. People were impressed, although somewhat concerned. I remember screening the film for my church youth group and had to mute the curse words and fast-forward the sex scenes by VCR remote.

Even to this day, a line from the film will randomly pop in my head, and when I say something like, “This ain’t a buffet, Kit,” people just stop and stare. Cheers to “Pretty Woman,” let’s toast some champaign, with strawberries, of course. It brings out the flavor.

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  1. Christina says:

    Oh my God.

    I /hate/ that movie. It makes me nauseous. That’s right, girls…..all you need is a rich man and some new clothes…….the rest will miraculously fall into place. Gak.

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