Today’s Reason To Drink

Tomorrow is the pub crawl … and I only have one shirt left to sell. Yes! I remember the days of lugging a huge bag of shirts to the first few bars … and then losing (read: spending) all the money. My share this year has safely been deposited back into the bank where it belongs — not on a tab of 16 Jagerbombs for my closest friends and strangers at the Back Door.

If you have nothing to do Saturday night and would like to join, here are the details:

7th Annual Pub Crawl

The good news: The seventh annual Gettin’ Drunky in Kentucky Pub Crawl will be stumbling through the Highlands as scheduled on Saturday, Sept. 11. The bad news: The Original Highlands Fest is not happening that weekend, so Baxter Avenue will not be closed to traffic. Walkers will have to take time out of their busy schedules to look both ways when crossing over to Molly Malone’s and Wick’s. Some see it as a setback, but I see it as a welcome challenge. Plus, the act of looking both right and left and then having to wait for traffic to clear will give the liver at least 15 more seconds to process the last drink. So while we’re risking our lives crossing traffic, we’re helping our bodies keep us upright.

For the rookies out there, the Gettin’ Drunky in Kentucky Crawl starts at the Outlook Inn at 7 p.m. and ends at Bearno’s Highlands. Participants are encouraged to stop at each bar along the way — 13 total this year. The crawl is open to anyone, and T-shirts are available for $10. Just like the Triple Crown, I would advise a training schedule that should start immediately.

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