Stevie Ray’s tonight!

I’m hosting tonight at Stevie Ray’s for a pretty cool event. And by hosting, I mean telling bad jokes between live music by people who have talent. Hope to see you there! Here’s the info from the staffpick I wrote last week:

Wednesday, Jan. 5
LGBT Night hosted by The Bar Belle
Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar
230 E. Main St.
$4; 9 p.m.

Stevie Ray’s loves the gays. As proof, they’re hosting an LGBT night of live music featuring “Punk Rock” Pam Newman (formerly of The Revenge of Ricky Williams), The Sirens, Jenn Stout Band (that’s her in the photo) and Chris Holcombe of Nashville. These artists are so wealthy in talent, they needed a hack emcee to balance out the bill, so they tapped me, seeing as I have no musical talent other than blowing into empty beer bottles. Depending on how many free drinks they give me, the Bar Belle will most likely show up and tell some lewd jokes about snowstorms and eight inches. Come out and play! We won’t bite. —Sara Havens

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