Today’s Reason To Drink

What a crazy weekend of football and beer. I was at a bar more than I was at my own house! Just wanted to share a few observations:

-The Steelers/Ravens game was insane and made me nervous drink too much.
-Go Green Bay!
-Go Jets!
-Chicago game was boring … and too many Seahawk injuries.
-You see some interesting stuff when hanging out at a bar long after they’ve closed.
-It’s never good when the lights come on at The Back Door.
-Mimicking climbing a rope while sitting at the bar is not really dancing.
-Don’t mess with light bulbs or crazy people.
-The random guy who sits down at your table is actually Superman.
-When watching football, it’s not uncommon to get pinned up against a wall by straight boys.
-Red Bull is actually not red at all.

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