St. Patrick’s Parade on Saturday!

It’s time to end those crazy New Year’s resolutions and join the fun. You made it till March — that’s good enough for me. St. Patrick’s Day in Louisville always kicks off a week early, with the Ancient Order of Hibernians’ annual St. Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands. On Saturday, more than 100 floats and vehicles will roll down Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road while onlookers wave and get doused with beads and candy. Watch those eyes! Festivities start at 3 p.m., and for the second year, the LEO bus will be part of the party. We can promise you two things — a sober driver and lots of beads. Here’s the info:

Saturday, March 12
St. Patrick’s Parade
Baxter/Bardstown corridor
Free; 3 p.m.

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