Dutch’s Tavern closed

Dutch’s Tavern closed its doors this week for good. As the home of the Green Bay Packers fan club and a pretty decent live music venue — Dutch’s will be missed. I used to catch The Muckrakers there … and it’s the place where I accidentally set my friend’s hair on fire. Oops. I loved that little pink bathroom that smelled like bubble gum, and the green carpet gave the dive some character. Let’s hope another douchebag frat club doesn’t take its place. Oh St. Matthews, you’re quickly losing character.

0 thoughts on “Dutch’s Tavern closed

  1. Dude says:

    A developer told me yesterday that Mello Mushroom was eyeing it….I love the ‘shroom, but St Matthew has already had three new Pizza places open up in the last 6 months. I’d rather see something else. That being said, I’m totally with you on the Frat boy bar…I like Dives!

  2. weeble says:

    Gonna miss Dutch’s, Me and 2 of my friends smoked a joint at the table while watching The Big Rock Show(they only one with Dave Ernspiker), not the rehashed lineup now, also had a fundreaiser there for one of my friends after surgery, great place it was

  3. bobby says:

    Frank Zappa walked into Dutch’s after a concert in the very early 80’s, I shook his hand and spoke to him briefly before the crowd descended on him. Great memories of Dutch’s and Packers playoff run last winter was fun the place was so packed you had to squeeze in……

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