Flanagan’s has growlers!

This just in from Flanagan’s beer goddess Ashley Isaacs: “We are now selling growlers at Flanagan’s!  Stop by before the game to fill up your growler, or purchase a 64 oz Flanagan’s growler from us and have it filled.” Yay!

Also, she’s trying to put together a Beer-Chili Cookoff, so if you’re interested in entering, contact her at ashley@louisvilleirishpubs.com. Um, Ashley, I’m interested in being a judge for the Beer-Chili Cookoff … if you need a palate as refined as mine. Beer + Chili = Yes

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  1. LillithSinn says:

    Beer-chili as in “chili with beer as an ingredient,” or beer-chili as in “chili that goes well with beer?” Because either way, I’m down!

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