The beef on Meat

The other night I was beckoned by the faint call of a new bar opening. Like the signal in the sky beamed to Batman when there’s trouble, I, too, get similar calls to action when a new bar joins the family. This particular call of duty was to meet Meat, a stylish speakeasy of sorts that sits above the Blind Pig in Butchertown.

Meat embodies hipness. It certainly might put us on the map in regards to Louisville as a cool place to dwell. We know we’re awesome … but New Yorkers don’t. Screw em anyway. Meat is a bartender’s bar. It’s 732 Social on acid.

The dark room is scattered with couches and tables. Comfortable bar stools surround the bar, and situated off to the left on the bar sits jars and jars of snack food — candy, nuts, was that jerky? Bonus points. I still have a little baggie of chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Did I mention Meat is dark? It was a bit hard to read the extensive cocktail menu (I’m not old, I swear! … it’s just printed on red paper, so the red/black contrast is hard to read even in broad daylight). But I squinted enough to order the Upton Sinclair … which I called “Uptown” several times on accident. The eager bartender quickly went to work concocting a potent potion like a mad scientist. The ingredients included Wild Turkey Rye, Brandy, Punt e Mes, Cynar, Demerar Syrup, Bitters and an orange peel.

I don’t know what some of those things are, and I even took those stupid bartending classes. But the drink was amazing. Delicious. Smooth. Sinful.

My cohort ordered the Captain’s Blood, a rum drink with Bacardi Anejo Rum, Falernum, lime juice, Demerara Syrup and celery seed bitters. Also delicious with a bite.

If you are still grieving over the loss of Social, get your ass over to Meat, ass-meat. These guys know what they’re doing and do it well. The ambiance is chill and the mood is relaxed. Oh, and they make their own beer (with the help of Cumberland Brews) and wine. Extra bonus points. The dark beer reminded me of a lighter version of BBC’s Nut Brown.

Beers are $4.50, drinks are $10. I’m not sure what the wine goes for, but drink guru Jeremy said I should try it next time. Will do.

Meat is at 1076 E. Washington St., above the Pig.

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  1. House wine is $7 a glass. I had the red last night and it was delicious. Smooth and drinkable, excellent cocktail wine.

    And yes, that was jerky, and it was delicious as well.

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