Zeppelin closing on Saturday :(

I heard rumors that Zeppelin in Germantown wasn’t doing too well and there had been turmoil within the staff. But I was saddened to open my email and find this from owner Tim Cain:

Well everyone I’m throwing in the towel. Saturday will be the Last Waltz of the Zeppelin and when I close it won’t reopen. I greatly appreciate my customers but lets face it I’m the wrong nationality to make it here-I’m AMERICAN. At any rate if you have a local business that you frequent support them because regardless of what is said on the news-Times are hard. Get with your  polititions and support America, no one else will. Would someone please forward this to Greg Fischer, he’s a good guy and don’t under estimate the ability of Jim King.
Thanks, Tim

Not sure what he’s referencing about the “wrong nationality” part of the email … he owns a neighborhood bar in Germantown, for God’s sake. I can’t imagine this is an easy decision … but whatever. I’m going to miss that damn beer cheese … which I would generously apply to my bison burger. R.I.P. Zeppelin.

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  1. Boiscout says:

    This is indeed sad news for me. I guess I will now have to stumble to across Burnett and hope that the face lift Check’s received in the past month means a cooler atmosphere for all. Zeppelin was always a very welcoming place to hang out and they had a kick ass hand made black bean burger. Ill be heading up there this evening or Friday for a final bite. 🙁

  2. tony tkac says:

    This is SAD! Not only is this a great venue for music,Tim and the crew have always treated our band with respect and our fans well too.Thanks Zeppelin Cafe.We’ll Let it Rock come Friday night

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Is this a dig at Mo for buying the closed and defunct Flabby’s? Because as far as I know there are no other businesses in Germantown owned by an immigrant. The more I think of his remark, the more ticked off I get. Who is he to say that he is MORE American than anyone else? This makes me sad that I’ve spent money on food and drinks at Zeppelin’s Cafe.

  4. Sarah says:

    This is such sad news. I moved from Germantown almost two years ago and I loved this place. I loved hanging out and just drinking beer, eating a pretzel with some beer cheese. But what i’m really sad about is that I wont be able to get to Louisville by Saturday. You’ll be missed Zepplin Cafe.

  5. Joe says:

    I second Elizabeth’s comments. The kind of remark he made if directed at Flabby’s is truely disgusting. If so I am also sorry for having patronzied the place and will avoid any future establishments from this owner. Schnitzelberg wii be better off.

  6. Scott says:

    Mr. Cain is upset that his business failed (understandable), but finding someone else to blame for this (people who aren’t American) is ignorant. It’s hard to understand exactly what he’s implying other than his being an American citizen hurt his business, which sounds like an unbelievably ridiculous proposition.
    I understand that when you are in pain, you sometimes do or say inappropriate things, so there is some grace there, but making it a public statement is unacceptable. I hope others post here and/or contact Mr. Cain and let him know that such statements aren’t welcomed or tolerated in our city.

  7. Nancy says:

    It is totally directed at Mo’s. Tim’s Dad is the businessman. Tim had a good go at partying. Turmoil within the staff, I have no idea. But I can say that didn’t pay to have a stage the last Schnitzleburg Walk, but had many beer tubs, yet prior to the event publicly said they weren’t invested in the street fair because of all the people that came in to the neighborhood and caused drunken trouble. Is it me, or do I recall a sad turn of events between two customers who were over-served, where one died as a result of a bar fight just outside Zeppelin’s?

    Beer cheese and a burger can be got at three other Germantown restaurants with actual chefs. Whomever takes up the helm, I hope they can run a business and not just run it and public opinion into the ground.

  8. John says:

    Latecomer to this old news, but man, this sucks. Just walked over there to grab a Philly cheesesteak, a bourbon, and a pretzel w/ beer cheese… ’twas all for naught, of course. My wife and I only live a couple blocks away, so I’m not sure how I missed this news.

    And yeah, the apparent anti-immigrant and/or anti-Mo thing is inexplicable, bizarre, and uncool. But if it’s true* that only “non-Americans” can succeed, I hope Mo buys the place and does something neat with it. Mo’s a smart guy and doesn’t strike me as the type that would let “staff turmoil” get out of hand, so I’ll bet he could if he felt so inclined.

    At any rate, I guess I’ll try some of those places on Goss that I haven’t been to yet….

    *obviously untrue, I’m just messin’ around.

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