More bar closings … WTF??

On the heels of yesterday’s news of Zeppelin closing, I’ve discovered that a handful of other bars will soon be shutting their doors for good. And this is sad news. On the Grim Reaper’s list are Tink’s Pub, Third Avenue Café (although it hasn’t been confirmed, but they’ve been closed the last few days) and Derby City Espresso. Tink’s last party will be New Year’s Eve. What are we lesbians gonna do? Oh yeah, frequent the hipster joints and dive bars, of course. And Derby City Espresso’s last day will be Dec. 8, although owner Matthew Landan hints that it’s not over for the space at 331 E. Market St.

I guess we should keep our fingers crossed and hope new proprietors move in and open something new. If I had the money, I’d totally turn Zeppelin into Purr. Anyone got some cash I can borrow?

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  1. GtownGayGal says:

    It is unfortunate. Tink’s I am not surprised is closing. You can’t continue to be the ONLY lesbian bar in the Ville and not re-invest in the property or create new reasons to come to it.
    Sad about Zeppelin and DCE, too. Both are great places and I have supported both many times the past two years. Ironically, both would be great spaces for new lesbian or GLBT friendly bars that are in great areas. Word to the wise for any future bar owners who want to serve the GLBT community – when opening a women’s bar/GLBT venue – try to remember, we like bright light, ventilation, good food (or the option to order something other than bar food), lighted parking, entertainment, alcohol served in glass, a dj from this decade, respectable wine selection including champagne splits for special occasions, beer selection that includes craft and local brews not just Miller Lite or Bud Light and Coors (UGS), patio, NO SMOKING, and door security. Thanks.

  2. Christina Baldon says:

    This a sad time for local in Louisville,KY. I hope that it turns around soon or we are not going to be the hip and local supporting town that we are so known to be.

  3. just sayin' says:

    I mean, does Louisville need more bars?

    Maybe they aren’t staying open because the market for that type of entertainment (bars/drinking) is saturated in Louisville or someone really needs to try something new and clever– NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

    Alcohol and choice of alcohol isn’t a deciding factor on visiting a venue for me— space, ambiance, music (live or dj’d) and word of mouth gets me there… I’ll pay a cover, but won’t buy a drink. 😉

    Tinks– yeah, where was that again?

  4. Paula Konrad says:

    Update: Head’s Up Pub on Preston at the railroad viaduct is closing New Year’s Eve. Another local watering hole going down the tubes 🙁

  5. Sparkkeh says:

    @GtownGayGal – Thanks for speaking for ALL LESBIANS. You know how we’re all the same and we all want the same things in a bar. I really appreciate you being the VOICE OF ALL LESBIANS. In fact, you should get a title and maybe some kind of sash and a tiara, yeah, a tiara too!

    That said, when the economy crapped out, many of us didn’t have the money to go out and drink anymore. *shrugs* When your entertainment budget goes to zero because you need to keep paying your electric bill… well… that may be as much to blame for the demise of the bars as anything else.

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