Meet Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

I was invited to sample Woodford Reserve’s newest product — which will be the first permanent line extension in the bourbon’s 15-year history. Basically, after Woodford has matured in the charred-oak barrels, they take that bourbon and then age it for a bit in a “special” barrel that’s been toasted (as opposed to charred), which gives it a whole new batch of flavors that lean to the tastier side (caramel, vanilla, honey, apple) than the woodier side. In other words, think of how different a marshmallow tastes when you slowly toast it, as opposed to sticking it in the fire and burning it to a crisp.

The Double Oaked was more amber in color and definitely way more smooth than the regular Woodford (which isn’t too shabby itself). The Woodford Double Oaked will be available in liquor stores beginning in March, and you should see it soon after that in bars.

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