Flavor Flav has a restaurant?!

Next time I’m in Vegas, I guess I’ll be eating fried chicken in addition to losing money at the slot machines. Rapper, reality TV star and the No. 1 hypeman Flavor Flav just opened his restaurant, called Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, in Vegas. The press release describes it as a “take-out restaurant with a quick-service menu specializing in specialty recipe soul food.” And, it says, the menu includes fried chicken (featuring a secret spice rub developed by Flav), fried shrimp and — get this — a red velvet waffle. Huh?

I’m hoping that when you have to wait for a table, you get a big watch to wear around your neck. Yeeeeah boy!

The press release also says that Flav is available for interviews. How can I correlate Flavor Flav and Louisville? Hmm …

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