Today’s Reason To Drink

I was looking for a dumb picture to put up here because I’m not feeling really inspired today. I typed in “funny and alcohol” … and after scrolling through stupid pics of santas drinking, I came upon this photo. Kinda random … but I liked it. And I wanted to give the straights a glimpse into my world. Do you think these ladies are lesbians? Are they a couple if they are? Or are they just BFFs … or maybe sisters? OK, definitely not sisters, I’ll give you that. But really, it’s kinda hard to tell if a lady is on your team or not sometimes … especially at the gym, when everyone looks like they play softball.

So which one should I ask out?

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  1. Beau says:

    Maybe not lesbians but two ladies that have heard a lame come-on from a complete jerk.
    “Men are jerks and women are psychotic” as told by Kurt Vonnegut.
    Happy vacation time from all your stress.
    Pick neither because they will just play with your goodness and leave.
    Brandy Alexanders all weekend long and an honorary doctorate from Ohio University in media relations. Go Bobcats!

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