Today’s Reason To Drink

Checked out the new Highlands Taproom location last night. It’s directly across Bardstown Road from Taco Bell … and it’s actually a second location — they’re planning on keeping both open for the foreseeable future. This location is completely different. It’s new, clean and offers a menu of sandwiches and appetizers, plus the usual 15 taps or so and full bar. The outside patio is a great spot to people-watch.

My only complaint: They’re a little too pricey on their domestic bottles. My friends love Michelob Ultra (I know, I know, but what are you gonna do?), and they paid $4 for them. A Coors Light bottle is $3.50. I honestly don’t think you should pay more than $3 for a domestic bottle anywhere in this town, especially at a “neighborhood bar” like the Taproom. Hopefully they’ll lower the price or offer bucket specials during happy hour or sporting events. ┬áJust my 2 cents.

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