Today’s Reason To Drink

People put their energy toward the weirdest things sometimes. Got an angry letter yesterday from a reader saying I’m not doing my job and I basically suck ass because one of our Inbox letters was more than 250 words, the wordcount listed in the rules section. Really? You sat down and wrote me a letter because someone got 20 more words than the alloted amount? 250 is a suggested wordcount … sometimes they are a bit more, sometimes a bit less. It’s no exact science. So relax. Keep writing letters. If it’s way too long, I will ask you to cut it down. But chill. Life is too short to get your blood pressure up over a few extra words.

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  1. Beau says:

    Not doing your job? HellsBells, you have a position not a job. The magical place called LEO where unicorns serve your latte and pixies massage your back. Word counting was Miss Downing’s job (7th grade English class). Use more semicolons, that’ll show ’em. Gravity seems lighter today, Gawd bless Guinness. Woot.

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